Frequently asked Questions

What are these numbers printed on all images?

These is the IP address of the person, who viewed the image. Every time the image is sent to a person's browser, they get watermarked with this person's IP address. This is done so that even if the image is downloaded it's less likely to be be shared further. And if it would the person who did that would be easy to find.

Is it possible to disable the IP watermarking?

Sure, each album has a setting section that you can access if you uploaded these images. You can find it if you click on the orange ribbon in the top of album page.

What is this site?

This is an image hosting platform to temporary and securely share your images. Most people would find it hard to downloading your images. And even if they do, they would have their IP address on them. You can still disable all the security features and use it as a simple image hosting, if you wish.

How to use this website?

Assuming that you want to securely share an image (or several) with somebody:

  1. Open
  2. By default the images are deleted immediately after they are first viewed - you can change that by choosing a different option in the "Your images will be deleted" drop-down selector
  3. Click on the big blue button that says "Click to upload"
  4. A small new window will appear prompting you to choose images to upload (you can select more than one by holding shift when clicking on files)
  5. Select your images and click "OK" when done
  6. The window would close and your images would proceed to be uploaded
  7. As soon as the upload process finished you should be presented with a url of your newly created album
  8. You can immediately copy the link url and send it to somebody
  9. You can also open the link yourself and see if the album looks as expected
  10. You can also click on the top-most orange ribbon to open the sharing settings
  11. Modify your settings to your taste if you need to

I found disturbing/illegal photos, what should I do?

Please send us a short message about this to We will immediately delete the album in question and ban the uploader(s) from using the site in future.

My images are being posted without my consent, what should I do?

Please send us a short message about this to We would need some kind of proof that you are yourself. A photo of some ID card or a distinct photo of the person in question near the opened main page of should be fine. Feel free to upload the photo to Unsee itself for better privacy, if you wish.

What you do need to know, though, is that in most of the cases the person who uploaded the images knows you well. It could be your friend, ex or even a family member.

The albums on Unsee are very short lived. Meaning that there's no way to stumble upon an album by chance.

Usually it goes down like this: