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Last updated: 08 Aug 2019

Privacy was the one of the main reasons behind the creation of this site. Read on to see how your privacy is protected.

So how private is this site exactly

By default images are covered with multiple layers of protection. The SSL encryption prevents unauthorised interception of the data that your browser exchanges with Unsee web server. Images are not stored on the server indefinitely. They are not actually stored as files at all. Instead they are kept in memory for exactly the period that is specified in sharing settings. After the said period, they are automatically wiped from RAM. No temporary backups or other ways exist to recover the images. Unsee guarantees that your uploads are available online at most for the time that you specified or less.

It’s not impossible, but pretty hard for a 3rd party to download the images shared on Unsee. For instance it’s not possible to just right-click and save image. It’s not allowed to open developer tools in browser and to modify the DOM tree to get to images. Due to the way the images are loaded, they are not registered as a resource by the browser at all. But even if all of the above is bypassed, every image is watermarked with the viewer’s IP address as the last resort. Coupled with stripping of internal image data and a blocking system to prevent malicious users from opening the same album again, this site should prove to be one of the safest after not sharing images at all.

Data protection

Web-server access logs do not contain your full IP address. Chat logs are never saved.

When you upload an image - it is watermarked with your encrypted IP address (in a QR code). Every time the image is displayed - it has this QR code visible to everybody. But only Unsee admin can decrypt it.

The IP addresses may be stored for half a year to comply with any possible legitimate law enforcement requests.

Of course the photos you upload are stored on the server only for as long as you specified in sharing settings.

If there was a complaint about the materials you uploaded - your uploads and any available data (such as IP) might be kept around for inspection for longer than initially configured.

Cookies and tracking

Unsee itself does not use cookies or any other persistent storage to track its users. Instead it uses the combination of your IP address and browser name combined together and hashed - things that your browser sends automatically to every site it visits. These hashes look like gibberish and this is what actually gets stored.

However Unsee does use the following ad/tracking partners to display targeted ads on its pages and to monitor its performance.

The partners include:

Please review the respective linked Privacy Policies to see how your data is handled.

If you would like to opt out of this 3rd party cookie usage - feel free to install any of the ad blocking or cookie blocking plugins available for your browser.

Changes to this privacy policy

The Privacy Policy page may be updated from time to time to reflect the current state of things. Please check this page regularly to keep yourself informed.

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